About Request It

What is Request It?
It is a free service that provides copies of articles from our library as well as articles, books or other documents ordered from libraries throughout the United States.

Who can use it?
All current UTMB faculty, staff and students (Request It uses UTMB email credentials for access)

How quickly can the articles be delivered?
If the copies are supplied from the Moody Medical Library, please allow 2 working days.
If the articles/books/documents must be ordered from another library, please allow at least 2-10+ working days.

How are the articles delivered?
Most articles will be delivered electronically into your Request It account, which lives on the web http://illiad.utmb.edu". Request It is also linked on the Library homepage. You should receive an email stating the article requested has been delivered (the email will have the Request It website hyperlinked for you), but you can always go to the Request It web page to see if the article is waiting for you under the "View/Delivered Requests menu item.

How long will the articles be available?
They will be available for 30 days, except when "deleted" by the person who requested.

We will try to borrow any book that you need for your work, research or studies. Books that we determine to be "out of scope" (such as works of fiction, UTMB listed coursebooks, and etc.) will not be processed.

How are books delivered?
When you have been notified that a book is delivered, it will be available at the Library's 2nd floor Circulation Desk for you to check out.

If you have questions or problems?
Please call the Reference Department at 409-772-2372.